The ExcellenSeas community, its pillars & how it works

What «ExcellenSeas» Mean

The Scholarship

Each program scholar is awarded 6,000 € per year to cover his academic costs

The Guidance

Each program scholar is assigned a personal scientific advisor with the purpose of monitoring and guiding him / her in academic and professional matters

The Awareness

The awareness of the world, the information on the actions of ExcellenSeas, and the expansion of the community are being undertaken by the Pastra Cretonaxiosa swimming group with its action

The ExcellenSeas Community

The ExcellenSeas community is made up of scholars, now graduates of the program, and the scientific team of consultants.

The scientific team is made up of distinguished university professors and senior business executives.

Our vision is for the community to grow with new scholars and, after the end of the program, to assist the new members as consultants.


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Ways of Granting a Scholarship

Bank Deposit

Bank: Eurobank
Bank Account: GR3802600520000230201023863
Explanation: «Name of Scholar»

Bank: NBG
Bank Account: GR4401101100000011000296027
Explanation: «Name of Scholar»

Online Platforms

Platform: Eurobank Business Donations
Explanation: «Name of Scholar»

Platform: ExcellenSeas – Θάλασσες Αριστείας
Explanation: «Name of Scholar»


The Pastra Cretonaxiosa Swimming Group

Founding Members

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