Dear student,

We are happy to invite you to the ExcellenSeas program, which focuses on supporting young people from Greek islands by eliminating the obstacles to their academic progress and excellence. The program addresses to high school students who come from islands with less than 2.000 habitats and who have been accepted in Greek universities. It aims to guide and support them throughout their studies, using specific advisory actions, constant communication with them and actual financial support.

Support in personal and advisory level is being provided by the highly qualified scientific committee of the program, which guides the students during their studies and helps them on issues related to their vocational or academic orientation. Additionally, the student stays in contact, in a friendly manner, with a personal coach – usually a person of similar age that has participated in the program in the past and has the ability to respond to any queries regarding the students’ life in their new environment. Further details about the mentorship program can be found below.  

Apart from the personal support, ExcellenSeas also includes the financial support provided to the students in the form of scholarship (up to 6,000 euros annually), in the framework of a four – years period of studies. The scholarship is being renewed on an annual basis following the thorough evaluation of the performance and the progress of each scholar.

Scholarships are distributed based on clear objective criteria that are described as followed. Since the evaluation procedure concerns in total the personality of the student, his/her academic performance and the circumstances under which they managed to enter the university, it is important to note that any possible effort is laid on our side, so that the provided support to be essential and maximize to the biggest possible extend our positive impact.

Objective of our initiative consists to provide as many scholarships as possible to students coming from acritical/remote islands, so that we can act as factors of progress and excellence within a group of people that deserves our actual support. At the same time, we aim to create a strong community of graduates that will be in contact with the new generation of students from such islands and guide them as well to higher education and the opportunities deriving from it.    

To apply for a scholarship, please fill the form below.

For any further information, please contact us by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address:

Indicative sectors on which guidance can be provided are:

•             Student life in a new big city

•             Living away from family and managing your financial status

•             Academic success

•             Making the right professional choices

•             Further academic education here or abroad

Prerequisites for participating in the program and scholars’ selection criteria:

  • Coming from an island with less than 2,000 habitats (essential)
  • Academic criteria:
  • Grade of acceptance to the university (exams results)
  • Grade of high school certificate
  • School of studies within the university
  • Academic performance (evaluated on an annual basis for renewing the scholarship)
  • Family financial data:
  • Total family income
  • Family owned assets
  • Family and social circumstances:
  • Coming from vulnerable social groups
  • Coming from single-parent families
  • Health issues related to the candidate or members of their immediate family environment
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