Mr. Costas Theologou is an Associate Professor of History and Philosophy of Culture at the National Technical University of Athens.

He was born in Thessaloniki in October 1960 and graduated from the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki. He studied Law and Political Science at the University of Athens. He did postgraduate studies at the Sorbonne University (Paris-I, Pantheon Sorbonne) in Social History and Social Theory with Jean-Marie Vincent, Lecturer at the Frankfurt School in France. His PhD from the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law of the School of Applied Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the NTUA (2006) focuses on social identities and the Sociology of Culture in multinational urban environments. He teaches in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the National Technical University of Athens and other universities. He has taught in private higher education and in secondary public education.

He has published monographs, translations, books and has edited course notes for teaching needs. His works (articles or chapters) have been published or are being published in foreign language and Greek magazines or collective volumes. His critical comments for new publications have been published in the magazines Enteftirio, Diavazo, To Dentro, Odos Panos etc. His texts are also in the magazines Anti, Music, Ardin, Nemesis and in the newspapers Macedonia, The Newspaper of the Authors, The Dawn, The News etc.

Member of the Scientific Committee since 15/12/2021